Business creation

Starting from scratch and establish your own company, the creation of a company encompasses the various steps and stages to be carried out in order to succeed in one's project and achieve one's objectives.

Takeover and resuption of a company

If the business started from scratch, other alternatives to entrepreneurship may be possible, but do not forget to cover yourself for the well-being of your company.

Business management

Business management requires the optimization of resources for the success of the company. Once you have launched your company, you need to manage it to embrace success.

Business development and evolution

For any company, the dynamics of everyday life lead to continuous change. The company must always grow to be compatible with different changes.

The growth sectors

Starting a business

Make sure you find your business sector which is one of the measures to consider before setting up your business for better profitability. There are several areas of activity with high potential if you want to set up your business such as cosmetics, medical, real estate, franchising, organic food … Other sectors are also promising such as services to freelancers, online training, tourism, cosmetics for men and urban agriculture.

Practical advice

What about the legal status ?

Microenterprise, sole trader, civil company etc. People wishing to set up their own business find themselves faced with a crucial choice: which legal form to choose? The responsibilities, the share capital or the tax regime that relate to it differ greatly from one status to another. It is also very common, when thinking about the legal form to adopt in order to carry on business, to take into consideration the risk run by the business owner concerning his project.

Business plan

A business pan presents the different information of the project in a very structured way. It is the reference document for a business creation

Market research

Market research is essential to examine your project. It allows you to dig in against the competition and on labour market.

Steps to create your business

Project financement

Ensure your company continues to exist thanks to financial assistance such as savings, aid, loans, credits.

Company domiciliation

Domiciliation and the choice of a head office is the first step in setting up a business.

Online legal ad

The online legal notice gives you justification for a legal publication informing the public of the creation of your company.

Role of the public accountant

The public accountant draws up the company’s accounts, but he is a partner of the manager, offering advice in legal, tax and social matters. The main missions of the public accountant are the presentation of the annual accounts, the limited examination of the annual accounts, the contractual audit. In addition to these missions, a public Accountant can be entrusted with other complementary tasks: legal formalities for meetings, transfer of head office, review of the capital… He is also in charge of missions in works councils and is the right hand man of the manager deciding the takeover or the transfer of the company.

Key steps for success and development

Precious advice to companies

Customers and Suppliers

Improving collaboration between customers and suppliers create value and satisfaction is a challenge for companies in different sectors such as sales management, purchasing, customer support, deliveries…

Human Resources and Skills

The company must capitalize on its skills and implement a good skills management strategy. This is the first objective of the human resources management department.

International assistance

In order to develop your company’s international visibility and competitiveness, an assistance can be offered by dedicated organizations. There are several solutions to help you overcome obstacles.

Indeed, a lot of young people want to create their own company and starting its own start up but sometimes lack ideas or in some cases financial resources. When you decide to get into this adventure, make sure you respect these two criteria : innovation and potential.

Performance and companies innovation

Small and medium companies

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is a powerful tool to promote a company, enhance its brand image, boost its visibility, capture leaders and conquer markets with digital media.

Quality approach

This approach is a dynamic of progression that increases customer satisfaction and loyalty. Adopting a quality approach means promoting the company’s sustainability and development.

Trade show

Participation in a trade show helps to attract new customers and reach other targets. It is a place where you can manage several contacts in record time and assess the competition.