Situated between the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea, Turkey experienced tremendous economic growth in the early 21st century, which makes many businessmen carry out their activities in the Eurasian country the last few years. To help project bearers establish businesses and manage them with ease on the Turkish soil, Payroll in Turkey has been set up. This article sheds light on the importance of Payroll in Turkey. 

Payroll in Turkey offers precious services 

Payroll in Turkey is responsible for monitoring the employer’s dues towards the employees. Indeed, the system controls the work hours of every day and calculates accurately what the workers earn in compliance with applicable laws. 

Calculating services 

Likewise, it offers calculating, processing, accounting and controlling services according to the legislation related to the Tax as well as Social Security Institutions. Payroll serves to calculate and display the deduction made by the employer from its revenue and fee of taxes released to the government on the workers’ behalf. The accounting and control of this procedure show how important is this service. 

As well, Payroll in Turkey prepares lists of normal, bonus, overtime and other payments for all employees. By regulating, monitoring and calculating the accounts upon the monthly payroll, the company’s reliability is enhanced in the event of an inspection. 

Social services 

Another payroll’s service exists and is tasked with hiring and dismissing the employee according to the Social Security Institution’s legislation. The worker that must be recruited will receive a recruitment declaration from the social security institutions, and the tally’s recording from the first day of work. 

In addition, Payroll in Turkey is known to prepare Social Security affidavit. As a matter of fact, payroll which is prepared with tally recorded along the month will be recorded along with the e-declaration at the level of the social security institution system. With the latter, formal obligations on the personnel’s behalf are ensured. 

Furthermore, Payroll offers a service tasked with calculating severance pay, notice and other liabilities and compensations. Legal compensations related to the personnel employed over its working period prove to be calculated and prepared for being paid. 

Payroll in Turkey prepares payments lists within electronic format. Thus, personnel’s salaries are distributed through banking transaction in compliance to the legislation. 

The company, for the icing on the cake, prepares and conserves personnel files. The materials that feature interest to the employers are conserved and preserved at the level of the personnel files like residence certificate, ID photocopies, photos, etc. Those materials are made available to the employer anytime they are needed. 

Payroll in Turkey ensures your business’ success 

Payroll in Turkey observes local business environment for you and gives you all advices you need to succeed. This umbrella company solution is an opportunity that helps you develop your network and sales before any investment. 

Payroll attentively studies with professionalism your project’s potential and feasibility. The company will also support you until your mission’s operational start. Indeed, Payroll’s professionals’ skills cover residence permit and work permit applications as well on the Turkish soil. 

You’ll take advantage of their expert team solutions during your whole project. The company informs you on local specificities and helps you define accurately your target. Your project will then be driven meticulously so that you’ll be able to cover foreign market. 

In this process, your new employee will behave like an external consultant under Payroll in Turkey. Thus, his payment has nothing to see with your salary budget. However, you’ll ensure his management as your employee devoted only for your project at the level of the Turkish market. 

Payroll in Turkey solution offers you the possibility to have a subsidiary at low cost, without needing a legal structure.