Popularly called améthyste in French; this is a crystal that is quite common in healing and energy work. Different spiritual societies and even religions have associated natural stones with different aspects of a spiritual journey. For this reason, many people come across therapeutic ways of connecting precious stones with their spirituality.

There are so many ways that one could use a precious stone. Some prefer carrying them just as they are while others find it easier to carry them as natural stone jewellery. Therapeutically, precious stones are used to help the patient feel more grounded. A lot of scientific research supports the idea that the body has minerals that could be identified with precious stones. For this reason, different stones have been used to resemble a healing process or to at least find a grounding essence to make a therapy session more relaxing.

Litho therapy is an example of such procedures. In this case, a stone like the amethyst is used as a symbol of wisdom and humility. It is also used as an intuitive concept which brings clarity and better contemplation. People with anxiety, in distress, experiencing grief or sadness can find relief from carrying or associating with this stone www.minerals-kingdom.com incorporates more information on how this works.

Overview Uses of Amethyst

You can come across different crystals that take on this name. This is because the stone comes in different forms, and sometimes the colour varies, depending on where it was mined. A lot of artists seek to incorporate such precious stones in their work because of the richness and density of its colour. However, precious stones are used for so much more than beauty and expressive art. Another name that is commonly used for amethyst is “all-healer.”

The crystal is not only used for healing in people, but it is also used as a symbol of repairing damages in animals and plants. Ancient medicine men and women placed unpolished pieces of the all-healer in particular spots in plants and animals that needed some correction. This stone is also referred to as a natural tranquillizer. For this reason, it is used to soothe neural signals in the brain and help hyperactive kids get more grounded. Some people place it under the pillow to relive nightmares or homesickness.

In diplomatic meetings and political settings, the stone is often used to bring a sense of peace and harmony. It is believed that it could help a business meeting go fair when one is wearing it or has a piece of it in the office. Since it is connected with the transparency card in the tarot, it is often used to symbolize balance. People with heavy addictions such as smoking or drinking too much can use the stone to find a better balance, therefore quitting their addictions. It is the ruling crystal for the zodiac sign Pisces, and the month of February, thus many associate it with cupid and faithful love.

All in all, such a precious stone is believed to have magical healing powers. Whether it is a physical ailment, energy imbalances or emotional issues, the precious mineral is said to help calm the nervous system and so bring healing all these areas.

Physical Healing

When it comes to physical performances, the all-healer crystal will help boost your hormone’s production and the stimulation of endocrine glands plus sympathetic nerves to optimize performance. It also boosts oxygenation in one’s blood hence assisting in the treatments of the stomach, skin and various body discomforts. The precious stone is known to help one strengthen their immune system hence reducing pain, swellings and bruising. Some people even use it to treat arthritis.

This all-healer gem is quite practical for the mind and brain treatment. It has been used to relieve tinnitus symptoms and several hearing disorders. You can make it your friend if you have a history of insomnia caused by an overthinking mind. It can help to soothe the brain’s neurons, therefore controlling its impulses. The energy emanated from the stone has been used to reduce stress, heal migraines and reduce nervous tension. However, you are not to use it if you have signs of schizophrenia or paranoia.

To be more practical, people incorporate the healing aspect of the stone to speed up modern medicine. While some entirely choose to stick with the sacred appeal of the same, combining its power and other therapeutic practices have often led to a better outcome. Anyone with any of the symptoms described above could try it out.

Emotional Healing

The emotional body has been one of the things that people find hard to treat these days. The all-healer precious stone has proven to come in handy when support is needed for the emotional body. People who feel overworked overwhelmed or stressed out can use the stone as a grounding centre for their emotions. The therapeutic effect of this comes in handy during Litho therapy to help relieve physical tension and calm down patients known to be easily angered or hot-headed.

The advantageous side of the crystal, other than the healing part, is that it could be used to tell the root of the emotional disturbance. This helps to monitor different patterns and the cause of the imbalance that causes emotional disturbance in the first place. Such analysis come in handy in decision-making and can be used to watch the progress of the healing process. Also, as earlier mentioned, it is used to heal addictions which in most cases have been traced back to emotional causes. When the brain is calmer, one does not need the alcohol or the drugs as a mental escape plan.

Thanks to its wisdom and clarity, amethysts have also been called soul stones. They help to bring comfort to a grieving heart and can be used as a link to talk to a relative or loved one who has crossed over to the other side. It encourages the one experiencing the loss and gives them a higher perspective of the process. The soul aspect also comes in handy when one is seeking to get in touch with the inner self. It gives one a deeper soul experience which also leads to a calmer mind. Such an experience can also help to release the tension, unrest in the physical body and replace it with peace assuredness and ease. If you have someone who is going through a terminal illness, this would be the perfect stone to show that you care.

Healing the Chakras and Balancing Energies

Energy new to energy work or one who wants to focus on the third eye chakra, etheric and crown chakras, this would be the perfect stone to bring more depth into your meditation. Its high and sweet energy will stimulate these chakras, causing healing where they have been damaged or where they have experienced and imbalance.

The third eye resembles our position for command and perspectives. It is the chakra that governs how we see the world. Once we open this chakra and bring out its original balance, we have healthier communications with ourselves. People are also able to open up to new dreams, visions and ideas in general, once this chakra is healthy and alert.

It controls the flow within the energy of other chakras as well. The crown chakra is the one associated with the gateway to the rest of the universe outside our bodies. It is in charge of our thinking patterns and also symbolizes the significance of our beliefs and spirituality. The chakra is represented by the violet rays which symbolize magic, dreams, destiny and inspirations. When this chakra is in alignment, we have clearer dreams and more authentic visions.

The soul crystal helps people connect with their true humility and their enlightened higher selves. For this reason, people with these balanced chakras have healed auras which give their environments a sense of peace, perspective and joy. The crystals have thus been used as doorways to the cosmic world and out of the body experiences. They symbolize identity and union with the source energy or God.

To Wrap it Up

The healing power of the all-healer precious stone is undeniable, and many scientific pieces of evidence prove its importance. Given that the human body is connected to the universe in so many ways, the stone can bring back alignment of the body to the soul’s purpose thus not only healing the body but also calming the soul and raising the vibrations of an individual. In whichever one might prefer; these gems can be acquired in a form that is easy to relate with plus also find a use that resonates with the person. The basic idea is not to idolize the stone but rather to use it as a grounding point for what one might need in terms of healing and stability.