Going into retirement these days requires a lot of preparation and preparation. Indeed, if you want to change city, and even country, it is prepared months in advance. Some choose to move to the country and opt for the "rancher" lifestyle. Others prefer to go to the sea, be it in France, in Europe, and even internationally (in some African or Asian countries with a weak currency: Euros are equivalent to hundreds or thousands of units of the country's currency,). But it is also possible that the quiet life and holidaying in a tropical paradise is not a lifestyle for you. A taste for work and commercial or other successes help to make this happen. The solution would then be self-entrepreneurship. The question then is, are retirement and starting a business compatible? If you have decided to undertake and you want to know the steps for creating a business, or help click here.

It is possible to create your own business during your retirement ?

After having been on holiday or at the seaside for too long, you may get bored with your professional life or, if you just don't feel like stopping, you may choose to start your own business during your retirement. To do so, you just have to meet a few conditions, because the condition for which the pension can be liquidated is the total cessation of all remunerative activities.  However, as all principles often have exceptions, this one is no exception. To do so, it is sufficient to simply apply for a combination of pensions.

The status of the company

The status of the company must be written according to the needs and desires of the entrepreneur. Indeed, one must avoid mixing the entrepreneur's own assets with those of the company. Indeed, it is here, during the creation of the statute that one must think about the security of the assets acquired during working life, and that one thinks of leaving to one's children and grandchildren. Here, it is often necessary to have the help of a professional if one prefers live broadcasting, and a specialized platform or site if one is more in favour of digital and remote services. It really needs to be perfected because the whole future of the company will depend on it.  All the steps for the creation of the company are also possible online for those who prefer to save time.